My name is Wendy Robinson and I was born in Iowa but grew up in the Colorado mountains. My family for many years lived back in the woods very much as our pioneer forefathers did. My dad built our log cabin and we had no electricity and had a wood stove, our own livestock and were often snowed in for a month at a time in  the winter.

As an adult I continued to live in Colorado but with a additional tie to Wyoming as my husband’s family had a ranch up there which we leased , owned part of and eventually inherited a share, and built a house with always a intention to move to the state and so we have and now live in Wyoming and that is putting some of my life into a a very small nutshell.

My interests have a broad range, I enjoy and have trained alot of horses over the years, ranching background, I like cooking, history, needlework, reading, writing, business interests,camping, hiking, my family, yoga, and much much more. In this blog I hope to share pieces of all these things with you. Thanks for reading.


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