Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia

4 states in one day

We left Vandalia, Il. and headed east on the interstate and crossed into Indiana and then into Kentucky at Louisville, Ky. at 12:00 noon and continued on for hours it seemed with a couple of brief stops.

We would have liked to have done some tourist things but we really couldn’t this trip unfortunately. I think Jim was sad we couldn’t but some things have to be cut now and then.

I liked Kentucky or rather all of it, it was green, hilly in places and lots of trees, we also crossed the Mississippi River and it is really big. It always surprises me how much bigger the rivers are as you go east. When I think of Kentucky I always think of Daniel Boone and his exploring and moving west and the Cumberland Gap. It makes me think of adventure and explorers and the movement and expansion to the west.



As we moved west it is so obvious how the progression of this country is a timeline, the further east you go the houses get a little older and a little older and so do the towns which is a classic case of how we oved west and expanded our country over the centuries.


We arrived in West Virginia and stopped in Huntington and discovered that bad rains and flood that the state had washed out some roads to the south so we decided to continue toward Charleston, WV and go north and up into the mountains and take the scenic route through the Appalachian Mountains.

We thought we would just stay in Charleston and then found out that about every hotel in town was booked that I called and since we did not know the area we decided to stop in a little town called ‘Hurricane’ and went to this small motel called American hotel and got a room. Well, that was a mistake as the room sucked and was dirty and nasty. I should have complained but after I paid I realized that it was non- refundable, anyway, live and learn I guess.

The small town of Hurricane was on the edge of the mountains. The one saving grace was we found a little Barbeque place that had food I could eat, everything was made from scratch and very yummy, the people were friendly and I didn’t get sick. BONUS!



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