Touching Abraham


We headed east and crossed the wide Missouri after driving on several country highways to get there. Then we were in Illinois heading toward Springfield.

In the process and looking at the map I realized that a little farther south we would have gone through Hannibal, Missouri where Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) lived as a boy! It’s funny how you read about places and unless you specifically set out to look or go see said places you get surprises like that and suddenly realize ‘oh, now I know where that is’.

Or we were just north of Nauvoo where Joseph Smith was Killed and the Mormons moved west. It’s interesting and a surprise that you can be almost anywhere and there is always a bit of history and something to go see.

But I digress, we finally arrived in Springfield about 4:00P.M. and had a hard time finding Abraham Lincoln’s home but finally we did but it shortened our time to visit. We did manage to each get on a tour of his home. We had to take turns because of the dog, but it was so worth it, to walk into his house and see the rooms where he sat, ate and lived with his family, of course before he became president.


I especially liked seeing his writing desk sitting in the corner of the parlor. It was simple but nice and to think he sat there and wrote out great works, that his brilliant mind was at work and the words flowed through onto paper. I so admire his fortitude and desire to learn, how he grew up and educated himself and never quit learning.


A lot of the furnishings in the home were original which is really cool. Like the parlor set which has black horse hair upholstery. It was also remarkable to climb the stairs to go upstairs and use the hand rail that Abraham Lincoln himself put the is hand on when he climbed the stairs himself. I touched something he touched, amazing!

Actually, the whole 4 block area is a national historic site with several old houses to see as well. We did not get to see everything as they close promptly at 5 but it was well worth the stop.


Actually, if you are in Springfield there is lots to see and much of it has to do with president Lincoln, like his law offices, the presidential library and museum and also his tomb.

But we had to get down the road a piece and made it as far as a town called Vandalia, Ill. We found out the next morning that it was the town with the oldest territorial capital in the state with a wonderful old building there.


Onward to the East



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