We arrived safely to Lawrence and had a wonderful visit with Aunt Norma, Uncle Don and Jim’s cousin Kris. We also got to see Kris’ twin boys Jared and Jacob (both park rangers). And we got to see Jim’s other cousin Bob and wife Lisa. It was so great to see everyone and visit. They were all nice enough to take us around and show us some of Lawrence. Aunt Norma also took us to Ottawa and showed us where Grandma Nettie Dougherty Babcock had lived. The address was: 826 Cherry St.  Also, Jim’s mom Juanita was born in a little house behind there along with Norma and other siblings possibly. (it no longer exists) but Jim remembers his mom showing it to him when he was little. Grandma’s house doesn’t look quite the same now either but I have posted a photo of what it currently looks like.


Also, Uncle Jim Babcock (my Jim’s grandmother Cora Beulah Babcock Barton’s brother Jim) had a grocery store downtown Ottawa “Chaney and Babcock” was the name we think. We found the exact location. The store is still standing and is an antique store now. The address is: 534 Main St. Ottawa, Ks. Uncle Jim’s wife Weloma had a beauty shop and greatly influenced Juanita (Jim’s mom’s) interest in going to beauty school.


Lawrence, Kansas is an interesting town with a lot of history. One of the big things it’s known for is the fact it was burned during the Civil War 1863. Quantrill’s guerilla raiders sacked the town and burned it, killing men and adolescent young men. They had a list of people to hunt down and kill but they killed people randomly as well, over 200 I believe (definitely more than what has happened like in Orlando) even though it was called a raid, it was an act of terrorism, no doubt about it. There is a small museum in Lawrence downtown that covered the burning of Lawrence that we got to visit while there and I am sure other museums in town do as well.


There is a movie that covers the burning of Lawrence and its better than a lot of movies entitled: “Ride with the Devil” in which Toby McGuire plays a main character as well as the singer Jewel in this movie and as a matter of fact my husband Jim Robinson plays as an extra in the movie in the battle and riding scenes. They actually burned part of a real town for some of the scenes. The town was Pattenburg, Missouri. I was actually on the movie set for a few days when Jim was finishing up. Didn’t see any name actors or much really but it was kind of interesting. But I digress.

The museum that we went to was originally a bank and mortgage company. Beautiful architecture and so I have posted a few photos.


Also, Kris took us out to the area where it is supposed that Quantrill camped before their attack on Lawrence in 1863, There was a hill out there and a nice meadow below so it would have been a good location for it.

Uncle Don drove us out to see some of the KU campus and there are some neat buildings there. Lawrence is a big college town.

out at the lake there was all these lovely flowers


We also had a lovely lunch with Kris at a restaurant downtown called “Jazz” it was like creole food I think but was very good. I had blackened catfish and I had not had good catfish in a long time. I would definitely recommend this restaurant. They were also very willing to accommodate my food allergies.

We had nice visits and good meals and as always it’s hard to say goodbye to good company and family. Goodbye Kansas! See you next time.


Aunt Norma and Jim




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