Road Trip

Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas

We hit the road yesterday morning, after rising at 4:30 A.M. It took a while to get the rest of our stuff loaded, breakfast and all the rest before we were in the car and driving away after locking the door at 6:45 A.M. We headed south I-25 from Casper. Then we turned east to Lusk. Then we went south on old 85 to Torrington and then east toward Scottsbluff, Nebraska angling south to I-80. Then on I-80 east past North Platte and then south on Highway 183 to Phillipsburg, Kansas where we spent the night at a cute little motel called the Cottonwood Inn across from the golf course.

But I digress, on the trip to Kansas we took a minor stop in Jay Em, Wyoming long enough to take a couple photos I have posted below. For those of you who know and those who don’t in the Robinson side of the family, Jay Em was started by a man named Lake Harris. He was a cousin to Jenny Belle Harris who was great grandmother to Jim my husband and his Grandfather Rollin Robinson’s mother.


We graciously went on a tour of the town led by a cousin Hazel Harris Mudgett a number of weeks ago. I will cover that more in detail at a later date. The town was started I believe in something like 1920 or slightly before. The old General store was really neat and there is an old bank, stone shop, hardware, garage, etc. in this town. Some people still live in Jay Em . It’s worth a stop to see. A unique spot on a road trip.



On our way into Kansas we drove by old Chimney Rock and took a quick stop there, I have been there several time but it never fails to intrigue me and make me think of the long hard trip the pioneers made on the Oregon trail going past the rock which was always a landmark for them as a marker to how far they had come and how far to go. Much of our drive yesterday hit parts of the Oregon trail. The saddest part for me has always been to go to the pioneer cemetery where so many children and especially babies are buried. It shows the hardships and how we take for granted that most of our children will grow up nowadays but back then many mothers lost more than one child and it had to be sheer heartbreak.



Further on we went by a town called Lewellen, Nebraska and saw a sign for the Elm Creek State Historical Site and some ways past that was a park and site that had an old Soddy cabin, it was very neat although time did not allow us to really tour the site only in passing. The area around Lewellen was very pretty with rolling hills and tall grass, green and lovely. Interesting scenery.

Onward to Lawrence, Ks. tomorrow





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