We are planning a road trip this summer which has become larger than anticipated at the beginning, but will ultimately be an exciting trip full of memories and hopefully all of them good.


We will be gone a month, we will drive through 15 states. First off will be to stop and see some family on the way whereas in doing so we will be going through part of Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, then on to Virginia. W e will cross many states during that part and get to see some of the Appalachian mountains as we travel from Iowa, across Illinois, clip Indiana, go through Kentucky and West Virginia, then into Virginia to see many historical sites, I will keep some mystery here and surprise you all as we go.

Later we will drop through North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia along the coast due to time and where we are headed to arrive in Florida to see friends and family (some of our children) there. We will stay and visit for quite a while in those areas and see lots of sights there including Universal we hope.

Then on through Alabama to Mississippi with some stops along the way and up through Arkansas and maybe do some camping ; maybe some of Missouri and home again, we may cross Kansas again, we are not sure yet.


 Our trusty sidekick Buckaroo will be travelling with us as he is a good traveller and we can’t imagine leaving him home for  so long. I found lots of pet friendly hotels and many historic sites allow dogs as well as long as they are on their leash so i think it will be fine as long as we allow the extra time involved in bringing your pet. people need to always remember to never ever leave their pet in the car in warm weather and in some parts of the country never ever leave them as its always too warm.  Unless of course,  you are in the car with the air conditioner running with them

So now comes the hard part, the packing and getting ready. i like to travel fairly light but its harder when its such a long trip I find. I will try to keep you posted on how that goes with packing the car. LOL!

I have plotted the trip,got travel maps and brochures for areas we will be in, done reasearch online, figured out where we need to be when and reserved alot of the hotels, etc. talked to friends and family, wrote a itenerary and got that all ready to go, now its load the car and get in and drive. Epic road trip here we come!


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