I decided the other day to compile a few fun facts and have written those below. Enjoy!


The Tetons -Jenney lake


The Equality State


Wyoming is a state with very dramatic landscapes and a wide variety with everything from steep mountain peaks with dramatic cliffs to desert like basins where hardly anything seems to grow and  Prickly Pear Cactus which grows with the sagebrush.


Prickly Pear Flowers



Wyoming is the first state to elect a woman governor and the first state in our Union to allow women to vote.

The name “Wyoming” may have come from the Delaware Indian word “Maughwaumama”  which means ‘large plains’.


WP_20150625_017             Wyoming  Prairie


With all its infinite variety, it is the least populated state in our entire country and a place where cows outnumber people. Although this sounds dramatic here is some of the facts:

  • There is less than 6 people for each square mile in Wyoming
  • We have the least amount of people compared to any other state with a population of: 586,107 people in the entire state as of 2015 estimates.
  • Compare the above population with California which is #1 in with the largest population at 38,332,521
  • The two biggest cities is Cheyenne (the capital) which has a population of 62,845 and Casper which has 60,086 according to stats for 2015.
  • Wyoming has 97,818 square miles and is the 10th largest state with 97,105 as and 714 miles of water.
  • There is 23 counties in Wyoming
  • The state bird is the Meadowlark
  • State mammal is the Buffalo
  • State flower is Indian Paintbrush
  • Gemstone –Jade
  • State dinosaur is the Triceratops
  • The License plates have a bucking horse on them and have had some version of “Steamboat” who was a famous bucking horse for many many years.
  • Nickname “Cowboy State”
  • Biggest Economic contributor is mining which includes oil, gas and coal
  • The largest number of jobs in the state is from mining, ranching and transportation especially the railroads


I find this state to be unique and all its own, the people are friendly and the lack of traffic jams suits me fine, driving for hours and only seeing a couple of cars on the drive and knowing there is all this open space is just my cup of tea. Wild and free with lots of nature is how I would describe Wyoming and that is something I love.

Information sources:


Wyoming Dept of tourism








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