Tea Makes Me

Rebecca Lee Robinson

Tea is one of those almost bizarre human things that we gather around in ritual and enjoyment. Imagine the first person that decided to take a plant, dry it and throw it in a pot of hot water?

Well I am sure it was nothing that simple or elegant. Likely someone tried eating said plant, noticed it gave them energy, tried drying it, tried eating it, then tried water, tried it as powder, tried it……okay you get the idea.

Tea is this sort of elixir of life, it goes back centuries and it compels the drinker to ponder the world, ponder flavor, wake up, dream, and explore new things. With so many tea blends and kinds there are endless options in the world of tea!

My favorite place in Fort Collins is Happy Lucky’s Teahouse in Old Town. They are one of the first places I found when I moved to…

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